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High Mileage vehicles in need of better customer options? We have them. European models? Sports Cars? 2 ton, commercial, Lifted and Diesel Trucks? Snow Plows, Bentley Maserati and more. Don't settle for just having something available. That is not enough. We help you provide value to the customer. For independent dealerships, we can improve buying opportunities and backend profits with our turnkey solution. Compliance, profits, crm, virtual finance, on site finance, bank financing and f and i all provided so you can focus on the one thing that matters. Selling cars.


We provide you with proprietary Dealer Management Software System that can help you run your dealership in a more efficient manner. Dealer CRM, Inventory Management, Marketing Platform including custom branded monroney, custom personalized brochures for each customer, push inventory to website, marketing platforms, etc., F and I Menu, F and I Compliance. We do as much or as little as you need so you can focus on selling cars. Call us to ask how we can provide this system at no cost to you. 



Concerned with your data securitydata breach mitigation plan? (REQUIRED BY LAW)
  • 72% aware of Jeep hacking incident
  • 73% believe hacking will be a moderate/serious problem in the future
Are you prepared? Are you protecting your data and your customers?
  • 41% say they will consider hacking when buying/leasing next car
  • 48% would pay for software to prevent vehicle hacking ($8.98/month)
  • 56% would pay for additional insurance to cover hacking ($9.31/month)
  • Millenials will pay more for software ($10.67) and insurance ($15.20)
We have answers.
  • 78% say hacking will be frequent problem next 3 years
  • Top safety concerns “right now” – vehicle hacking #9 (out of 10)

The Auto Industry: The Next “Big” Target for Hackers?

*From Kelley Blue Book Car Hacking Survey, 2016



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